old stomping ground

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes you forget how much you loved living somewhere until you leave it, and then go back to visit. I knew I loved living in London, and I knew it was beautiful, but I forgot how glorious it can be, when the weather cooperates.

from the top deck

st. paul



sarah said...

Wow, Amy!! You are BACK!!! :D
Fantastic photos.

melly said...

London and her notorious weather! I've missed you tonnes Amy.

Elizabeth said...

I love that you are posting regularly again. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! When will we go to London together and have Wagamamas like you always promised???

Rhiannon said...

these make me want to hop on a plane right now and GO. london looks fabulous, i need to get there someday.

Angry Asian said...

sigh. that middle shot? ::sigh::

as always your blog always makes me want to grab my camera and capture *something*

tschitschi said...

beautiful photos! I love going back to places that I know from some time ago, it's so interesting to see what has changed and what still is the same.

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