'nineteen days' book - and a giveaway!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

nineteen days - the book!

Leila, Anjali and I spent the past two months working on collecting the images and the words of our 'nineteen days' project from last year. The result? A lovely book - filled with over eighty full-color pictures, from a cup of tea in America to a blazing sunset over an African capital... it is a truly precious thing to us and I hope it will be to you too!

We're have three copies of the book to giveaway - as a special thank you to friends that purchase the book and help spread the word about it. Here is what you need to do to be eligible for the giveaway:

(1) Do one of the following: join our facebook group, follow us on twitter at @nineteendays, post the cover of “nineteen days” to your flickr account and link to the “nineteen days” shopping site, or blog about this giveaway.

(2) Buy at least one copy of “nineteen days“: the more copies you buy, the more times you are entered to win one of the three giveaway copies.

(3) Let us know that you’re in to win by contacting us. You can do one or more of the following:

  • tweet this message: “Hey, @nineteendays, count me in for your book giveaway!”
  • leave a comment on this blog
  • contact us on flickr, letting us know you’ve posted the cover (Amy, Anjali, or Leila).
  • post something relevant on your facebook status (and then let us know on our facebook group’s wall).

(4) Winner(s) of the three giveaway copies of “nineteen days” will be chosen by random selection.

(5) On Tuesday, 9 March 2010, at 5pm MST we will announce the winner(s) of the three giveaway copies of “nineteen days“!

This is a beautiful book, a five-star book, a book you know you need.

Good luck!


leila said...

YUM! Can I have one? I mean ... anOTHER one? :)

melly said...

You girls are so committed, I kinda want to tear right now. Congrats on the book Amy!

sarah said...

Cannot wait to see it. :D

Camille said...

The photos in the post prior capture the attention...just gorgeous. You must be and very much should be so proud of this project.

I still haven't made it to the B'hai Faith Center in my town...two blocks from where I work. I think you've just motivated me to get over there.

christine said...

Your photos are lovely.

Luna : said...

i've just discovered your blog and i just want to say, whoza, you take stunning photos!

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