i ♥ new york - i still ♥ coney island

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I went to Coney Island, again. Actually, I've taken several trips there this past year. I love it. So so much. Don't you know? I'm going again, soon, if you want to come. With costumes this time.
Oh, and we're riding this guy. For sure.


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Phish - Waste


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today is Ferragosto - Italians are celebrating the height of summer. Everything is closed, businesses give employees one (or several) weeks off, and most Italians take refuge from the sizzling heat of the city, making their way to the mountains, the countryside... but mostly, the beach.



It is actually a nightmare to travel in Italy around this time - everywhere is crowded, long lines of cars snake their way on the highways, everything is overbooked... and yet I can't help but think of this time of year with nostalgia, imagining everyone there is currently sitting back, relaxing, enjoying their family, their friends, the gorgeous, glorious summer heat. And most probably sucking on a ghiacciolo.


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Edoardo Vianello - Abbronzatissima

i ♥ new york - old fashioned trolleys

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"She walked with him to the trolley car. Women smiled at him until they noticed the little girl clinging to his hand. Johnny looked like a handsome, devil-may-care Irish boy... They walked to the corner. When a Graham Avenue trolley came along, he swung up on to the platform suiting his rhythm to the car's slowing down. As the car started up again, he stood on the back platform holding on to the bar holding on to the bar while he leaned way out to wave to Francie. No man had ever looked so gallant as her father, she thought. "
Betty Smith ~ A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I've seen the tracks in Dumbo, in Red Hook, but I hadn't really thought about streetcars until I read 'ATree Grows in Brooklyn' a couple of years back. I can envision Francie's dad, charming in that old New York kind of way, leaning out of that trolley, with a melt-my-heart smile, as the old cart dissapperas in the loud raucous Brooklyn traffic...


Then I discovered that there are a couple of old trolleys down in Red Hook, thanks to this write on Gothamist, so I left the house on my bike one sunset last week , hoping to track down what turns out to be an attempt to create a Brooklyn Trolley Museum.

OTHER creepy...

I wish there were more than two trolleys, that they were cleaned up, that you could go sit in them and even take a little tour of the Red Hook waterfront on one.


end of line

I think a visit to the actual Trolley Museum of New York is in order... but only if I can show up in costume and pose for photos in the old trolleys.

Today's Sountrack is a video
Vintage Film of Brooklyn Trolley circa 1930s

sweetest subjects

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Children are rapidly becoming my favorite photography subject - as you might have guessed. You can catch them off guard, lost in their own little world of fancy and it's fun to imagine what they might be thinking of, daydreaming about. I know I could spin tales in my head all day long when I was younger, fables born of stories I was told and characters I created myself. When I was six or seven, I owned a magical suitcase the size of a coin, that I was able to stuff with anything I loved or wanted and conveniently carry around in my pocket.


They are also easily bribed to pose, and have yet to develop that awkward self consciousness that takes over once we grow up.

bomba alla menta

And when they sleep, their innocence, sweetness and reliance on those who surround them seeps out and is impossible not to capture.


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Wilco - War on War