nineteen days - year two

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last March, my friend Leila and I embarked on a nineteen day long project to mark the annual occurrence of the Bahá’í Fast. It lead to a year long project - Every Morn and Eve - and now, just shy of a year later, here we are again, about to start the Fast once again.
We are both excited to be embarking on the nineteen days project again - a chance to share with all of you our thoughts and photographs during these most special days.
This year, we are adding an additional layer to the project by inviting 19
Bahá’í photographers from around the world to join us - by submitting photographs and thoughts from their daily Fast.

Bahá’ís, and particularly for me, the Fast is a period of intense reflection - a time to recollect, regroup and gear up for the new year - for the coming of spring for the changing of seasons.

I hope you will come visit over at nineteen days, starting tomorrow.