guest photographer: sholeh loehle

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am not quite sure where the weeks are going, but they are just whizzing by and I am feeling a mix of joy (let's get through winter as fast as we possibly can) and stress, since there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all i wish for! So bad that I am lagging a couple of days behind on Every Morn and Eve -- but I promise to try to get you the last couple of Kadria's photos up tonight or tomorrow! That girl creates magic with her camera, for sure!

Speaking of magic... please help me welcome Sholeh! Sholeh and I have worked on another photo project together (which I won't link to right now, because it's sort of on hiatus) and I am thrilled that she is joining me for the coming week!

Here is a bit about her, from her. And her lovely photos... of course!

"Photography has always been a part of my life, both in front of the camera and behind I've gotten older, I have learned to experiment more with the kinds of pictures that I take.

In photography, like in my writing, I love the little out-of-place things and the grand perspectives, the macro and night shots. I use a little Samsung point-and-shoot, and while it limits me in some ways, it forces me to get creative. Photos are memory triggers and history books for me.

Recently I discovered that my great-grandfather in Persia also took pictures as a hobby (and had a business selling cameras), often documenting the Baha'is of his region.

The challenge of posting photos in a public forum pushes me to improve and learn."

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guest photographer: kadria simons

Monday, January 19, 2009

I loved having Mehdi guest posting this past week... not only because his photos are gorgeous, but also because he me back to my gorgeous, beloved London for a few days, especially with shots like this one and this one.
I managed to pull myself off the couch for a short while today (I was tackled and pinned down by a monstrous virus that left me exhausted, with barely the energy to lift my head) to come and tell you all about this week's photographer - Kadria.
As with many others of the guest photographers that I asked to participate, I originally met Kadria online, and fell in love with her work.

When I traveled to Israel for Pilgrimage back in June, we had a chance to spend a bit of time together, since she is volunteering at the Baha'i World Center. We became fast friends, with an ease and comfort that I hadn't encountered for a while, and I am glad that we have remained close from afar, encouraging each other in our work, in our passions, in our lives.

I really struggled to pick just a few of her photos to share here, since I really do love them all.

She has been shooting exclusively with film up to now (though she is borrowing a digital camera for the next week) and I love love love the quality that using film adds to her photos.

Go take a look at her photostream... and here is a bit more about her, in her own words:

"I have an endless fascination with portraits, so it tends to be what I do best. I love classic, black and white photography and derive much inspiration from great ones like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, and Martin Munkacsi. I have an unquenchable thirst for travel. So much so that anyone I've travelled with during the last few years knows that I'd much rather walk around all day taking photographs than follow a tour guide or stay indoors."

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guest photographer: mehdi van den bos

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sorry for the sketchy presence - it's been a busy start to the year over here ! How are you all doing? I hope that January is treating you well, despite the cold!
Anjali's last day of posts was on Sunday - and I particularly love this combo... and this one. It was so nice to have her around - I think we need to plan a little photo project she and I - especially now that she's gotten her hands on a polaroid too!

This week, Mehdi van den Bos is joining me. I think he was one of the earliest people to encourage me into photography - advising me on equipment, giving me ideas, feedback, inspiration. I asked Mehdi to tell me a bit about himself, but he's a shy one, so here is what I can tell you about him.
He is kind harted, and will sit through an entire movie he saw JUST the night before and not even tell you. He takes amazing photos, mostly of nature and water. He's lived in Australia most of his life but is currently in London, doing research in neurology and taking photos. Glorious photos.

Here is his first evening submission from yesterday - I just love it. It will be posted over at Every Morn and Eve shortly, once wordpress decides to cooperate with me. It's up!

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guest photographer: anjali pala

Monday, January 5, 2009

I must say, the usual Monday blues have really been temporarily alleviated for me, since I look forward to welcoming a new guest photographer every week.
It's been so great to have Saleem posting at Every Morn and Eve - this is for sure my most favorite of his shots this week, though I truly love this one as well. And this one too!

And this week... oh, this week, I sure have something wonderful in store for you. I think the best way to describe my adoration of this week's photographer's work is as that of a stalker towards the object of their obsession. Sounds a bit much? Trust me, I mean every word of it.
Anjali's photographs (yes, click on that link and you won't regret it), and specifically her portraits of children, are just breathtaking. And to boot she is a lovely person, which I can attest to because, once we actually met in person, we spent time easily chatting about books and how to categorize them, and photos and how we love them, and Italy and how it's perfect, over Indian food, - which are just some of my favorite things.
Here are some of her photos, and a bit about her, in her own words.

"I grew up taking pictures, but I really fell in love with photography was when I was 14 and learned how to develop my own photos in the darkroom.

It felt like magic, the perfect synthesis of chaos and order -- watching images emerge out of nothing, the uncertainty of never quite knowing how anything will turn out, the technique and the serendipitous disasters.

I shifted to digital three years ago when I moved to Israel and mostly use a wide-angle (17-40) or 50 mm. I prefer available light (no flash, thankyouverymuch) and love photographing children.

I like the practicality of using digital for projects or traveling, but the luddite in me would still love to have a darkroom some day."

Stay tuned for daily photos from her every day this week over at Every Morn and Eve...starting later tonight.

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no kidding

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yes, I know it's January 1st and really I should not blog for a whole month just to recuperate from the past month of mad daily posting. BUT. I just could not stay away once I found out that the lovely people over at Poladroid FINALLY launched a beta version of their software for us, poor, lonely PC users.

I can see you all you Apple folks out there roll your eyes, you know, and you're all "dude, OLD news" but hey, just humor me, m'kay?

Anyhow - this won't substitute my real, true, i can hold them in my hand and hug them tight at night Polaroids. But it will supplement it, significantly.

I posted a few more in this flickr set - and I am currently going though my stash and creating more and more... so feel free to check back!
Thanks to Chessa for introducing me to this - and then leaving me to drool for months as I waited for the PC version.

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