12 weeks to go: it's all about the gear

Monday, August 13, 2007

What got me out the door: wanting to try out my brand new RaceReady shorts. Geek.
What gave me that extra push at mile 4: Chocolate Outrage flavored Gu.
What offered me a welcome and unexpected break at mile 6: the nice Gatorade vendor in the park telling me about how he's from Morocco, and I should visit, and his whole family lives there, and I can surely go and stay with them when I visit, and I should come by his stand again and get his family's address, but I must go before October because that's when he stops selling in the park.

What I patiently waited till mile 8 1/2 before having: Fruit Gushers Fruitomic Punch. Oh Yum.
What kept me company along the way: my little iPod shuffle.

What I missed desperately: my running partner. I am never running more than 5 miles by myself. Ever.

Edited to add: I need a new pair of running shoes.


Elizabeth said...

Nothing worse than a solo long run. Never again!

Di said...

It's true - running alone is never easy - I very rarely make it out the door if I am alone! How were the new shorts?

montague said...

di - the shorts are fantastic. I highly recommend them, and they are not terribly priced!

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