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Friday, June 22, 2007

There has been plenty of stuff happening over here the past little while, and we've been keeping quite busy.
For starters, there has been some very enjoyable reading. There has been some crafting - mostly attempts at making a scarf, but lack of knowhow have made the whole process quite stressful. So me and this fella aren't really on speaking terms right now...

And then, there's been some reading about crafting, after this book arrived in the mail from the place where all good things come from.
And then there were burgers, and catching up with old friends, and movies, and sushi with one friend who has no online presence for me to link to. Oh, there was some running (finally!) and some cooking and shopping and study circling. And finally, there's been a moderate amount of card playing with a very questionable partner (yes Ramin, I am still fuming) and a new blog - which I will not link to, because it's just embarrassing.
That there is a blog.
About playing Hezari.

But the truth of the matter is that all this flurry of activity is just me trying not to think about that thing that I have spent most of the past two weeks thinking of anyhow. Family.
My family is big - and I mean so big, I couldn't blame you if you thought this photo was a "Where's Waldo" illustration...

This was two years ago. That was eleven of us (Shamim is taking the picture). This year, we're adding five people to the crew. Jeez.
Anyhow, since we all live all over the place, at least once a year we try to gather at a central location and revel in our togetherness. I spend most of the year looking forward to these very two weeks, because to me, there is nothing quite as precious as spending time with these people, the most wonderful people I know.
And now there are only 7 days left before we leave. 7 DAYS I TELL YOU!

Why aren't you jumping up and down with excitement?


Nay said...

Hi Amy, I just wanted to say that it is very good that you're so aware of how special this family time is... Enjoy it, send my love to everyone, and let me know how it was. I am sure you'll keep me (us) updated through your beautiful photos. Who's the 5th person, I can only figure out the 2 additional kids and Shirin and husband.. :-)

Sham said...

I'm sure you'll have a delightful time with all the crazy family! It's been wonderful to see you these few times here - we'll be gone back to europe by the time you're back, but hope you can visit us sometime in england!
love. SJ&A
P.S. We love the blog!

Sham said...

The fifth person? - third kid?! - Amy... is it true?? And you haven't announced it yet? Hooray! Now we all know the real excuse why you're not running! ;)

(And you thought I was a nice cousin)

Anonymous said...

Amy!!!! What are you not telling us?!! Heehee...am as bad as my brother! Love you! Yas

RT said...

Amy you should be fuming that Ash for taking a hand when you are 995. Do you know what that means? 995!!!! you need to do NOTHING and you will win. I don't know about calling him "master" anymore.

Nay said...

okay......... i already regret having posed this question online.. and i figured out the fifth person, btw :-)
hehe, you have some funny blog fans, amy..

montague said...

Let me tell you this much: cousins are trouble ;) They go spreading rumors all over the internet -heehhee.
My dearest all, I hate to break your hearts but there is no baby on the way...
Shamim - thank you for stopping by! We shall miss you guys very much here in the northeast!
Yas - please come visit us!!!
Nay - i know you understand how wonderful family is! I saw your darling family twice this weekend!!

Nay said...

oh....... i am so jealous! i miss max, maya and juliet a lot. i hear max joined CTC.. so cute!! love to sham, and have FUN on your family vacation!! x

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